Indiska is a Swedish family enterprise that has existed for over 110 years. We sell fashions, interior and accessories with a modern, unique stamp in our 90 shops in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Germany and in our Indiska Shop Online - We have in total approximately 610 employees.

Mathilda Hamilton was the name of the woman who in 1901 sowed the first seed of what today is the Indiska chain – a shop in Regeringsgatan in Stockholm. But the person who has given the company its character is Åke Thambert, who took over the business in 1951 and then built a successful chain of shops based on it. He was active in the company until his death at the age of 91 in 2008. Indiska is run today by Karin Lindahl, CEO and owner.
Anyone who has been in an Indiska shop has experienced our business concept – selling a unique mix of fashions and interior fittings inspired by India. We want to communicate our passion for India and its handicrafts, colours and materials.

Åke Thambert, who was not only a successful businessman but also a gifted singer, wrote a song whose first phrase is: “Have you thought about all the beauty that surrounds you?”. It was not about an Indiska shop, although it could well have been.
The fashion, interior and accessories we sell are all of our own design. The Indian influences are blended with Scandinavian design, always with an eye for detail. Our own unique style, Bohemian Modern, radiates colours, patterns and energy. We want to give our customers the opportunity to look the way they feel inside and be able to decorate their homes the same way.
An issue near to Indiska’s heart is efforts with social responsibility and the environment, where we have had a commitment since as far back as the 60’s.