INDISKA - Clothes and Home

Together we create a sustainable and colourful world

INDISKA is first and foremost a lifestyle company. And we have been a lifestyle company ever  since the first INDISKA store opened in Stockholm in 1901. The fundamental idea is to function as a brand that can dress and add splashes of colour to all the different parts of your daily life. We want to provide you with wonderful things for your wardrobe, for your home and garden, for yoga sessions and as a travel wardrobe to take you all around the world.  

Sustainability is at our core. We have been collaborating closely with factories and suppliers since the 1950’s in order to establish longterm sustainability work and responsible production processes. We do this for ideological reasons; we believe in creating a better and more sustainable world, but we also want you as a consumer to feel certain that when you shop with us you are making a good choice. 

All INDISKA clothes and accessories are made out of high quality materials and fabrics, in fashionable styles and designed to flatter all shapes and sizes. Our design team is based in Stockholm at the INDISKA headquarters. They spend a lot of time designing and working on all the details of the garments and accessories. All buttons, embroideries, sequins and all other beautiful details are scrutinized before the designs are sent to production. Our INDISKA design team are always keeping an eye on global fashion trends. Every season, the global trends are taken into account when designing the new collections. We want you to both look good and feel good when you shop at INDISKA. In our stores and online, you’ll always find a variety of wonderful dresses, soft jersey tops, colourful embroidered blouses, warming outerwear, nicely cut pants and skirts in different styles and lenghts. In accessories, you’ll find bags made both of leather and other fabrics embellished and decorated with intricate embroidery. You will also find lightweight summer sandals as well as pretty espadrilles. Our jewellery is always made of high quality metals, and often covered in shiny glittering stones and pearls.  The Home and Garden department is much of a pride and joy for us. We love to create inspiring and beautiful objects for your home. We sell beautiful pieces of furniture, textiles and rugs, glassware and tableware and all sorts of interior design details. 
At INDISKA we find inspiration from all the world’s most colourful countries and cultures.  To us there are no country borders. We gather all global craftmanship techniques and styles, textiles, colours, prints, embroideries and embellishments under one roof. INDISKA is an experience, a marvellous journey to collect memories from and display in your home and in your wardrobe. We believe in colour and in a sustainable world. We want to inspire you to live life well, from the clothes you wear, to taking care of yourself with yoga and meditation. Add our coffee, tea and spices to your kitchen for the full INDISKA lifestyle.

INDISKA- a conscious and sustainable choice

INDISKA, a family run company, was created out of a love for India. We take responsibility for our production, factories and for the country and the people who are part of INDISKA’s soul. At INDISKA, we focus on bringing health aid, water, fair trade regulations, education and cooperation with the local community. We combine this with our work to preserve and protect the environment. We are in it for the long run and we know that together we can make a difference. Together, we can create a sustainable and colourful world. Every time you shop at INDISKA, you are a part of the change.