Where did you learn about INDISKA?

I discovered INDISKA in Copenhagen when I lived in Copenhagen 1979. That was love at first sight.
What made you choose INDISKA for your franchise?

Because INDISKA offers a point of difference both by the variety of product they offer and the colourful Bohemian Modern look which makes them unique. Furthermore I think the lifestyle concept adds value to the costumers experience and makes the concept more appealing.
How long have you been open?

We opened in May 2013, so the store has been open for just over 1 1/2 year.

How long did it take from your first meeting to store opening?

It took over a year from the first meeting until we opened the store. It took some time to find the right location, but once we signed the lease agreement it took 4 months to open the store. 

How was the response from your customers?
The response was excellent and it outgrew our greatest expectations. INDISKA brand was quite well known in the market and therefore we have built up a substantial customers base, which is always growing. INDISKA affordable price range and the unique and comfortable clothes has given us a competitive advantage in the Icelandic market. Our main customer group are women from age 25-60. They all have in common, that they are independent and feel good about themselves and are looking for something special. 

What support have you received?
What stands out is the personal support we receive from everyone in the operation, both from the franchise support team as well as from the CEO. As an owner and a store manager, I am in a regular contact with INDISKA merchandisers to manage the stock and product range. We get a regular updates and guidelines for store layouts and merchandise presentation and a regular visit from our lovely Lotta, the visual merchandiser, who helps us make the store look outstanding. 
Looking at it for the whole operation we have had a good support in all aspects during all phases of the operation, from prior to opening and during the course of the operation. If a problem occurs we have an honest and solution-orientated dialogue. What is most important to me is that I feel like we belong to the INDISKA team.

How is business (ROI)?

Opening up a new store in a recession period was a daring and a challenging project but that is typical us (the owners), we like challenges. We wanted to be INDISKA franchisees in Iceland and we knew there were other candidates interested in the concept so we wanted to prove ourselves. Understandably we had some worries about the funding and what the real return on investment would be. To cut a long storey short, profit´s been higher than planned and as a result we have already got return on our investment and the future prospects are good.

What’s in store for the future?
I believe that the personal interaction is an important factor in how people experience their purchase. Therefore stores will always play the main role in retail. A good shopping experience is key to good profit, so the products, the way they are presented in the store and a good customer service is key to a stores success.