Do you want to be our franchisee in Europe?

Do you want to be at the leader of our European expansion and build your own successful operation within the framework of INDISKA's franchisee structure?
INDISKA has over 100 stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Germany at present. We've also got a franchise store in Iceland. We intend to increase this number, both within existing markets and in new markets. As part of this, we are looking for entrepreneurial franchisees that have the ability and ambition to help us expand in Europe by establishing their own franchised stores in different markets. The countries that we are primarily considering are [United Kingdom, France, Germany and Holland], but we are also prepared to support franchisees in other countries - if the right opportunity becomes available and the conditions are right.
We believe that INDISKA’s attractive brand, range and focus combined with an energetic and enthusiastic franchisee has the potential to build successful and profitable retail chains in these markets. We therefore want to get in contact with people who believe in themselves, their abilities and in INDISKA, and also have good experience of the European market.
Who are you?                                                                                                   
There is no concrete formula for the ideal background to becoming a successful franchisee. However, you should have a good background in the following areas; 
       •     Retail operations in clothing and interior design
       •     Establishing and developing retail stores 
       •     Company management and ownership
       •     Franchise operations
The most important aspects are that you want to take responsibility for developing and leading your own retail stores, that you believe in our brand and share our confidence in it. 
Want to join us? 
Does the INDISKA Bohemian Modern Lifestyle inspire you? Would you like to be a partner of our successful concept? If so, please send us an application with the information on your company profile or  your professional profile and your goals in bringing INDISKA into your market/s: 
Indiska Magasinet AB
Attn: Sofie Gunolf
Box 27317
102 54 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46-8-670 45 00
Fax: +46-8-660 37 78
Contact person: Sofie Gunolf, CEO