INDISKA's uniqe business concept:

       •     We are a chain of concept stores offering a modern mix of fashion and interior, all in
.            our own uniqe style.
       •     All of our products are designed by our design team. They reflects our passion for 
.            India and its genuine handicraft, mixed with Swedish simplicity and design traditions.
       •     We are commited to our customers as well as our surrounding through our commitment
.            in ethics, enviromental and social issues.   

Inspired by the time in India and fascination for Indian handicraft, Swedish missionary, Mathilda Hamilton, opens a store in Stockholm in 1901 - INDISKA Magasinet. 
Fifty years later, in 1951, Åke Thambert, already importing leatherware and gifts from the Far East, is inspired by the colours and the magic of India. He believes that the beautiful handicrafts, colours and patterns would be a success for the Swedish market and he buys the store. 
Åke's intuition proves right and INDISKA gains popularity. Together with his children, now involved in the company, INDISKA grows from one smol shop to a nationwide chain of stores. 
In the mid 90's the first store outside of Sweden opens in Denmark, followed by Finland, Norway, Iceland and Germany. The store in Iceland is INDISKA's first franchise store. 
In April 2012, INDISKA Shop Online was launched at, which have further added to the companys's success. 
Today, Åke's family in third generation is still running INDISKA. The company continues its uniqe business idea with the same values envisaged by its founder, Åke. His grandchild, Sofie Gunolf, is CEO since June 2006.
We are known for                                                                                                   

       •     Our uniqe style - A modern bohemian style that reflects our passion for colours, shapes
.            and beautiful prints.
       •     Our range - A mix of fashion and interior with inspiration fron the Orient. 
       •     Our stores - Exciting, inspiring and easy to find.
       •     Our service - We are kind, considerate and service minded in our daily contacts with
.            our customers.
       •     Our price level - Value for money.
       •     Our values - Warmth, humor and uncomplicated.
       •     Corporate Social Responsibility - We at INDISKA hav always been taking our
             responsibility serious. Both about to the world we live in and for our customers. 
       •    We are commited to our customers as well as our surrounding through our commitment.