“INDISKA reflects my personal expression with a mix of patterns, explosions of colour, joy and a genuine feeling that I love!”

Why did you apply to INDISKA?
I have always loved strong colours and fun patterns and have been inspired by vintage items on long trips to both India, Africa and Indonesia. So it was natural to apply to INDISKA, with its broad assortment of fashions and interior fittings inspired by the Orient. I could also identify with the unique bohemian feeling INDISKA has. So it was my first choice after studies to become a decorator.

Describe how you perceive the company and the people who work at INDISKA.
For me, the positive, creative and family-like feeling of the company is very important. Working with so many different, genuine, passionate people feels like a great privilege and makes for incredible pleasure in one’s work.

What is needed/what is important for you to succeed in your role?
In order to communicate INDISKA’s personal expression, a sensitive feel for interior decoration/fashion and a genuine interest in colour and form are needed. You also need a great sense of detail, great creativity, flexibility, planning and a feel for structure. You need to be driven by a striving for innovation.

What is the most fun part of your job?
I am driven by picking up trends and converting them in INDISKA’s style, so it is absolutely getting to create inspiring, selling environments, styling our mannequins and decorating shop windows. Other bonuses are getting to plan and carry out your own ideas and working in a team with all of my talented colleagues.

Can you give an example of a time when you have been given/had to take responsibility?
By putting the right article in the right place, highlighting activities and campaigns, rotating articles etc., I take responsibility every day in my role as a decorator. It is my responsibility to create an inspiring, selling environment and to instruct my colleagues.

Can you give examples of when you have had to put yourself to the challenge and try new ways?
Every day is a constant challenge to try to create something new and inspiring that at the same time reflects INDISKA and is selling. Many are the times I’ve planned on doing something that turns out not to work. Then you just have to think again and find a solution. I often have to be somewhat of an inventor and create something for our different themes. It is also a great challenge to decide to be satisfied and keep a good balance, as the job is very heavy and demanding. I am motivated by finding new solutions, working at a fast pace and getting to work in such an inspiring environment.
Other comments.
INDISKA reflects my personal expression with a mix of patterns, explosions of colour, joy and a genuine feeling that I love!