“I feel that the entire company is permeated by commitment, both for social issues and the love for India. There is pride in the unique products we offer and for the brand.”

Why did you apply to INDISKA?
I have always identified myself with INDISKA’s style and been inspired by the products. I had also heard that work with purchasing is very creative, which appealed to me since I originally studied design. Another important part that contributed to me applying to INDISKA is the company’s social responsibility and commitment to social issues.

Describe how you perceive the company and the people who work at INDISKA.
I feel that the entire company is permeated by commitment, both for social issues and in its love for India. There is pride on the unique products we offer and for the brand. At the office, the atmosphere is prestige-free and it is wonderful to be surrounded by so many competent and inspiring colleagues.

What is needed/what is important for you to succeed in your role?
My role is part of a greater whole and a chain of processes that require the capacity for cooperation and the ability to listen. The flow at the purchasing department must never stop, which makes it extremely important to keep deadlines for writing orders, providing suppliers with feedback on garments and ensuring that artwork is sent on time etc. To succeed in the role of purchasing assistant, it is also important to know the products and be updated on fashion trends.

Can you give an example of a time when you have been given/had to take responsibility in your role?
I am responsible for continuity in the department when the purchaser is on purchasing trips. At Purchasing, the pace is high and decisions often have to be taken quickly. One role is to master the management of the constant flow of information.

In addition to my job as a purchasing assistant, I am also responsible for buying post cards that are made by a women’s collective that is part of the Indian Peace Trust organisation. Making these cards provides a steady income that helps to make these women independent. This project is very close to my heart.

What is the most fun part of your job?
It is wonderfully inspiring to be part of a cog in the wheel producing a completely new product and, together with purchasing, design and pattern constructors, ensure that the final result is what we had in mind with regard to design, fit and quality, It is also a great joy to on a daily basis get to work with all these beautiful garments, where Scandinavian design meets traditional Indian handicraft techniques.

Another area that has been particularly fun is developing the Peace Trust “women’s group” project.

Can you give an example of when you have had to put yourself to the challenge and try new ways?
A challenge in day-to-day work is to always have a focus on quality and on monitoring events in the world around us, which in turn may contribute to product development.