“My immediate colleagues are my friends. We are very good at helping each other and the atmosphere at work is usually very good.”

Why did you apply to INDISKA?
I am a person of Pakistani/Indian descent interested in fashion, and I like to work with people in a service-oriented job. I applied to INDISKA for the working environment in the shops and the opportunity to work with things that I have a passion for.

Describe how you perceive the company and the people who work at INDISKA.
I feel that INDISKA is very careful to give the customer the best product, which creates confidence in the encounter with the customer. It makes me feel good to know that we together, from all quarters, work to give the customer the best in everything, from service and treatment to the actual article.

My immediate colleagues are my friends. We are very good at helping each other and the atmosphere at work is usually very good. Our colleagues at head office are very helpful and quick to respond.

What is needed/what is important for you to succeed in your role?
In order to provide our customers with the best service it is important that the communication between colleagues is working and that the manager is supportive and a good listener, which is very true of our shop.
I like to develop and take on new challenges. It stimulates me, and this is reflected in the service I deliver to the customers.

What is the most fun part of your job?
The best thing in my job is when a customer is so happy with the service they have received that they call back to the shop to tell about it. Of course, I also have a lot of fun with my workmates.

Can you give an example of a time when you have been given/had to take responsibility in your role?
In my job as a shop salesperson, I have been given the responsibility for ladies’ fashion in the shop. That is fun, since I am very interested in fashion. When a colleague became ill I also took over her responsibility for Bazar, our interior fittings department. It was stimulating to have responsibility for a new area.

Can you give an example of when you have had to put yourself to the challenge and try new ways?
When my manager is away on vacation, I have the responsibility as acting shop manager. When a colleague was away on sick leave, I was given the responsibility of finding extra staff to substitute and making the schedules to work. It was a challenge, but it was also energising when it worked.

Other comments
I love working at INDISKA with all of my colleagues. We have a very good atmosphere and attitude toward each other. This, together with responsibility and challenges, gives me the extra energy I need to be able to give the customer that little bit extra.