INDISKA Lovers & Likers membership conditions

Welcome to INDISKA’s Lovers & Likers customer club. The following membership conditions apply to your membership in INDISKA Lovers & Likers. In these membership conditions, ”INDISKA” refers to Indiska Magasinet AB which offers a customer club in Sweden, Norway and Finland.  

We send out information and special offers via text message and email. As a member you get 1 point per spent krona (or local currency), and when you’ve reached 1000 points you get a bonus check worth 25 kronor (or local currency). The bonus checks are sent out four times a year and they are valid for three months. We will inform you in an email when your bonus check is available for usage. The bonus checks are strictly electronic, connected to your individual member profile and available at the till in store or when you log in at We will never share your personal details with any third parties and we follow the regulations by Swedish law (PUL). Read more about it here. Do you have any questions or do you wish to share something with us? Email us at

Membership and registration

To become a member of INDISKA Lovers & Likers, you must be at least 16 years old and have a valid personal identity number. Only private individuals may apply for membership in INDISKA Lovers & Likers. Membership in INDISKA Lovers & Likers is personal and can not be transferred. The membership may not be used for business purposes. You are only entitled to one membership.

Membership in INDISKA Lovers & Likers is free of charge.

You register as a member by providing your name, email address, personal identity number and mailing address, either at the checkout register in an INDISKA shop or on the website (”the Website”) under the ”Loves & Likers” tab. You can also download INDISKA’s app, which will bring you to the registration area on the Website. It is mandatory to provide your email address and personal identity number. Your customer account with us consists of this information plus other relevant information such as information on bonus points you earn or spend. 

Your membership is cardless, and you can manage it on the Website. You must keep INDISKA informed about changes in your account information. INDISKA is not responsible for loss of bonus points or bonus checks due to your failure to update the information in your customer account.

Bonus points

All purchases of goods in INDISKA shops or on the Website entitle you to a bonus. Bonus points are registered in connection with purchases in an INDISKA shop or on the Website by providing your personal identity number or displaying identification.

In INDISKA Lovers & Likers, you receive bonus points on all purchases except when you use a gift card, refund slip, credit entry or similar means of payment.

Bonus points can be registered for up to 10 days after completing your purchase. Subsequent registration can only be performed for purchases made in an INDISKA shop, and only in the INDISKA shop where the purchase was made. Please contact INDISKA customer service if you have questions about subsequent registration.  

You receive 1 bonus point for each krona from a bonus-qualifying purchase. The number of earned bonus points is based on the value of your purchases after deductions for discounts, checks, coupons or campaigns. Your bonus points are totalled on a monthly basis. Once you reach 1,000 bonus points, you receive a bonus check for SEK 25, NOK 35 or EUR 3, depending on which country you reside in.

The bonus system provides a 2.5 % rebate.

INDISKA may offer double bonus points from time to time. INDISKA provides information on the amounts needed to achieve double bonus points, and special terms and conditions for these points if applicable, in its marketing or in connection with purchases.

The bonus check is electronic, and it is loaded into your account. The bonus check is valid until the date shown on the check, ordinarily three months after the issue date. It can be used as a means of payment equivalent to its value, but it can not be redeemed for cash, either wholly or partially.  The bonus check is not valid for purchasing gift cards. The minimum disbursement is SEK 25, NOK 25 or EUR 3 per disbursement, and the bonus is paid out four times per year. It is possible to redeem bonus checks when making purchases on the Website.  

Bonus checks that have already been sent out may be cancelled or annulled if INDISKA finds at its discretion that the bonus points were earned in violation of these membership conditions or awarded by mistake.

Amendments to the membership conditions

INDISKA reserves the right to amend the INDISKA Lovers & Likers membership conditions at any time. The amendments come into force one month after you are notified about them. Updated membership conditions are available on the Website.

Processing of personal data

INDISKA cares about your privacy and strives at all times to protect your personal details in the best way possible. INDISKA’s goal is to comply at all times with applicable laws and regulations for the protection of personal information. By becoming a member of INDISKA Lovers & Likers, you consent to the processing of your personal data in accordance with these membership terms.

Indiska Magasinet AB, (“INDISKA”/”we”), corp. ID no. 556008-5424, at the address Malmvägen 1, 102 54 Stockholm, Sweden, telephone +46 (0) 8 518 08 200, is responsible as the data controller for the processing of your personal details.

We will process the personal details that you provide us with or that we collect at our Website by way of cookies with the purpose of administering your purchases and fulfilling our obligations to you as our customer. The personal information that INDISKA processes is your name, email address, order history, credit card number, shipping address and telephone number.

Your details may also be used for identification, direct marketing, customer surveys, newsletters and statistics and they may be used for mailings, SMS’s and emails to you, subject to your approval. This may also entail joint data processing, both within and outside of the EU, with other registers, and that your personal details are transferred to other companies within the INDISKA group for the purposes stated above in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The data can also be jointly processed or shared with our cooperative partners such as advertising agencies for, for example, printing and distribution. We need your personal identification number to update address information in order to ensure that valuable documents such as account statements and bonus checks are sent to the right person, and to perform proper customer service and database maintenance.

When you register as a customer, we save your details for as long as you are a registered customer at INDISKA. You can unregister as a customer at any time.

According to the Swedish Personal Data Act, you are entitled, once per calendar year and free of charge, to receive information about what personal details regarding you that have been processed by us, regardless of how they have been collected. If you wish to have such information, you must place a written request with us. According to the Personal Data Act, your request must be signed by you and sent by postal mail. Therefore, it cannot be sent by email.

You are entitled, at any time, to request that the personal data be corrected, blocked or deleted.

Your personal details may not be processed for purposes connected to direct marketing if you oppose such processing. You are entitled to at any time revoke consent given for the processing of personal details. Such revocation may be limited to only be with regard to a part of the processing, for example that which is connected to direct marketing.

We will only use your personal details for marketing purposes in those cases where you actively agree to this. You can at any time contact us in order to cancel marketing directed at you as a customer. Communications are sent to members provided that the member is active and purchases goods from INDISKA on a regular basis, and provides his or her email address, personal identification number or telephone number when making purchases.

Termination of membership

Your membership in INDISKA Lovers & Likers is valid until further notice, or until you or INDISKA terminate it. You may cancel your membership at any time by contacting INDISKA customer service. If your membership is misused, INDISKA reserves the right to terminate it immediately. 

Your membership will be terminated in the event of inactivity for longer than 24 months, and the earned bonus points will be void.

Contact information

If you have questions about your membership, or wish to notify us of changes to your contact information or the like, please contact customer service by telephone at +46 (0)8 -670 45 00 or by email at