Everyday sustainable

In every stage, from design to finished product, we strive to do what we can to contribute to long-term sustainable development for mankind and the environment. Both at home and with our suppliers.

Our sustainability strategy currently consists of three priority areas: sustainable production, sustainable materials and a sustainable lifestyle. Together they make up what we call Everyday Sustainable.

Sustainable production

To us, sustainable production is fundamental. Through training and communication, we help our collaborative partners and suppliers to take their share of the responsibility. It is important to us that our products are manufactured under sustainable conditions for both mankind and the environment. Our code of conduct has been designed to help maintain sustainable production.

Sustainable materials

In order for us to mark a product as sustainable, at least 50% or more of the product must be made from sustainable materials. Our goal is for 50% of our range to contain products with more sustainable materials by 2020. We also consider recycled and reused materials to be sustainable materials.

A sustainable lifestyle
We want to be an oasis in which our customers can create their own personal sustainable lifestyles. We achieve this in the following way:

High quality & timeless design

A product that is used often and for a long time is economical with the Earth's resources. Which is why we aim to use natural materials and create timeless designs and hand-made products that last. We know that a product that is loved is also well looked after and enjoys a longer life in our customers' homes and wardrobes.

Personal sustainability  

We want to create a holistic attitude to everyday sustainability, where we can inspire positive daily routines that help our world to constantly improve. Sustainability is just as much about the product as the person who is going to use it.

Recycling & second hand

Together with our customers, we want to be involved in extending the life of Indiska's products. By offering product recycling of our own products, we are also providing an opportunity to buy select second hand items, alongside our standard range.